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New York Agriculture in the Classroom

AgBadging Overview

  • The AgBadging program is designed for students ages 8-11 (grades 3-5).
  • The AgBadging Field Guide leads learners through an exploration of agriculture—what you eat, wear, and use every day. It is designed for nonformal (e.g., farm field days) and formal classroom use.
  • Students can earn five different themed badges and a completion badge. Badges provide recognition for learning and serve to positively motivate learning about agriculture.
  • Students select activities to earn badges within the themes of Agriculture & the Environment, Plants & Animals, Food & Health, Technology & Engineering, and Geography & Culture.
  • Each theme has milestones that track the student's agricultural journey. Students select three milestones to complete for each badge.
  • After finishing a milestone, the student records the completion date and gets it signed off in their field guide by an adult (a parent, grandparent, guardian, teacher, youth leader, etc.).
  • Badges are found in the back of the field guide. When a badge is earned, it is placed on the first page of the theme.
  • When a student collects badges for all five themes, they earn a completion badge and a Field Scout Code Name. Students attach the completion badge to the title page of the field guide. Students visit to receive their code name. All code names are careers in agriculture and include a short description of the career and a link to the FFA's Ag Explorer website to learn more. Please Note: Students will not be asked to provide any personal information to receive their code name.
  • The For Students webpage provides students with more information about the milestones including tutorials, book suggestions, videos, games, and more.

AgBadging Suggested Books

Agriculture & the Environment
Plants & Animals
Food & Health
Technology & Engineering
Geography & Culture