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New York Agriculture in the Classroom

Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

Lesson Plans (2)

Matter of Fact

In this lesson, students will take on the role of a nitrogen molecule and experience how various forms of nitrogen cycle through the environment. Students will be able to identify and differentiate between atoms, molecules, and compounds. Grades 9-12

The Carbon Cycle and Climate Smart Agriculture

Students explore the carbon cycle, evaluate natural and human-induced activities that drive the carbon cycle, and discover climate smart agricultural practices that can be used to produce our food. Grades 9-12

Companion Resources (2)


Move 'N Around—The Nitrogen Cycle Game
This classroom game is made up of eight stations that represent different forms of nitrogen. As players move from station to station, they collect cards that represent the different forms of nitrogen they became and whether they contributed to productive or unproductive outcomes. The interactive format breaks down a complex topic into an easy-to-digest format, allowing players to see how important nitrogen is as a building block of life and how to best optimize it as a critical component of biology. 


Climate Change Phenomena e-Magazine
This digital e-magazine gives students the ability to explore the connections carbon, climate, and weather have to our food supply. With interactive links, students can discover how climate and weather impact our food supply, where carbon is found and how it is cycled, what climate change is, and how adaptations and mitigations can help as we face climate change.