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New York Agriculture in the Classroom


Educator Workshops

Agriculture in the Classroom Curriculum Trainings


Learn how to connect your existing curriculum with agriculture and infuse food and garden concepts into your lessons. Utilizing high-quality, hands-on agriculture lessons from across the country, these trainings will allow teachers to experience learning through agriculture and why it positively impacts student learning.

Trainings include:
  • CTLE professional development credit hours
  • Agriculturally accurate books for your classroom library
  • An experiential-learning based model for delivery
  • Kits, resources, and tools to teach the lessons
Your workshop may include one or more of the following lessons:

Upcoming Workshops

STEM Beef Experience
In-Person Professional Development
August 1-4, 2022
Morrisville, New York

The STEM Beef Experience is a four-day immersion into the world of beef for New York educators. Throughout this experience, teachers will learn how beef producers influence their environments as they engage with in-person tours of a beef producer’s farm, a college beef processing facility, and cook with a professional chef.

As educators gain a foundational understanding of different aspects of the beef industry, they will engage with STEM lessons that will allow them to use their new beef knowledge to engage their students with project-based experiential learning through the lens of agriculture, and specially beef. At the conclusion of the experience, teachers will team up for a project where they will create, market, and pitch a unique beef snack.

Participants will have the opportunity to earn up to 22 CTLE credits.

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