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New York Agriculture in the Classroom

Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix

Lesson Plans (9)

Aeroponic Engineering and Vertical Farming (Grades 6-8)

Students will use the Engineering Design Process to develop and construct an aeroponic garden to grow a food crop. Students will develop and apply an understanding of plant anatomy and physiology related to plant growth and ultimately discuss the possibilities and limitations of using vertical farming to produce our food. Grades 6-8

Drones in High-Tech Farming (Grades 6-8)

Students discover the science behind how a drone works, explore how drones are used in agriculture, and program and operate a drone for the purpose of monitoring grazing sheep. Grades 6-8

Hen House Engineering (Grades 6-8)

Students will use the Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning model to evaluate styles of housing used for hens that lay eggs. Using critical thinking skills, students will compare housing styles, determine which system meets their animal welfare standards, and engineer their own hen house model to meet the needs of laying hens. This lesson covers a socioscientific issue and aims to provide students with tools to evaluate science within the context of social and economic points of view. Grades 6-8

High-Tech Farming (Grades 3-5)

Students discover technologies that are used on farms to increase efficiency and yields and decrease costs and environmental impact. Grades 3-5

Increasing Food Production with Precision Agriculture

This hands-on lesson teaches students how precision agriculture uses geographic information systems (GIS) to help farmers and manufacturers make smart, efficient, and responsible decisions about how and when they plant, grow, irrigate, harvest, and transport crops. Grades 6-8

Journey 2050 Lesson 7: Technology and Innovations (Grades 6-8)

Students will explore new technologies that will impact the future of farming, understand the role of developing countries in food security, and explain how consumers influence the production of food. Grades 6-8

Robots in High-Tech Farming (Grades 6-8)

Students discover the four main components of robots, explore how robots are used in agriculture, and program and operate a robot to address a farming challenge. Grades 6-8

Think in Pictures: Like Dr. Grandin (Grades 6-8)

Students will explore cattle flight zones and work as agricultural engineers to design a corral system that uses the research of Dr. Temple Grandin. Grades 6-8

Water Ops for Growing

Through project-based learning, students design and create a smart watering system for a small herb garden. Grades 6-8

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Science in Your Shopping Cart
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