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New York Agriculture in the Classroom


Lesson Plans & Resources

Next Generation Beef Toolkits

Introduce your students to real New York farmers through a selection of educator toolkits. Each toolkit is designed to provide a series of lessons, hands-on learning experiences, and videos featuring farms across the state which will illustrate how academic concepts come to life in real-world applications. Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, these tools will help your students view their world through food production.

Discover Christmas Trees Curriculum

Discover Christmas Trees is a curriculum designed for grades K-8, and it will introduce your students to the important aspects of the conifer and Christmas tree industry in NYS. The lessons span the subject areas of ELA, mathematics, social studies, and science and offer learning extensions and book suggestions to continue to build student knowledge of our natural world. Every lesson is aligned to NYS and Common Core Learning Standards. Courtesy of the New York State Christmas Tree Farmers Association.

Beef for the Classroom

Teachers who are cooking with their students can apply to have their beef purchases for classroom use reimbursed. Schools may be reimbursed up to $100 for beef purchases within reasonable limits related to class size and cut of beef purchased. The application process is easy, and lessons and resources are provided to every teacher who receives a grant.

Maple Syrup Resources

The Western New York Maple Producers Association is proud to present their new maple syrup production lessons for use in your classroom. Integrate the ideas and concepts of maple syrup production in the context of social studies, mathematics, ELA, and science. Find worksheets, hands-on activities, Smart Board presentations, and videos to enhance your curriculum.

NYAITC Resources

NYAITC Celebrating Black History Month through Influential Agriculturalists

February is Black History Month and there have been many agriculturalists who have persevered through adversity and given their talents to move the vocation of agriculture forward. Learn more about a few influential agriculturalists and connect with resources to teach about them in your classroom.